One night in 2007 while out at a Montreal club, guitar virtuoso Brennan Dylan had a revelation. He had come expecting to see Tommy Lee and DJ Aero but instead found himself at a Deadmau5 concert. As the progressive house DJ’s thunderous set reverberated throughout the club, Dylan felt a surge of inspiration.

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Comfortable with a wide variety of guitar styles, Brennan Dylan decide that he wanted to integrate electronic music into his act. He has since developed a style that is one part metal-style guitar work (his style has often been compared to Randy Rhoads) and one part electronic dance music.

Check out his heavy hitting new single “Burning.” With a thumping beat, dubstep instrumental effects and Dylan’s righteous riffing, it is a hard-hitting, genre-blending, face-melter of a track!

For a live demonstration of Dylan’s skills, check him out playing at the 20th Annual LA Music Awads:

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