While his peers made plans to live and die in the dusty environs of Fannin County, Texas, Brandon Bush made plans to carve himself a career as a storyteller. When a guitar landed in his hands at age 11, he figured out exactly how he was going to do it.

Before he met with his 6-string muse, Ector, Texas singer and songwriter Brandon Bush had planned to make his way West to become a Hollywood writer and film director. But the fifth grade brought him a guitar and a passion for punk rock and Brandon’s first band was born.

It was Americana artists extraordinaire Pat Green and Cross Canadian Ragweed that turned his attention to the rich tradition of American country music. It was the music-rich surroundings of the University of North Texas that inspired him to blend his itinerate writing skills with his diverse musical interests…and so a recording artist was born.

The drive that made Brandon different from his youthful peers back in Fannin County continues to inform his music today. With bandmates Mike Burgess on bass, Brad Haefner on guitar and mandolin and Shea Henley on drums, Brandon and his band steer clear of the conventions of Nashville, aiming their instruments at a blend of rock, country and blues.

Today’s Free MP3 of the Day, “You Make It Look So Easy,” is a great example of the spirit of Brandon Bush and his compatriots. It’s a song that could as easily fit into a rock and roll mixtape as a country hoedown: the gritty guitars of the Georgia Satellites, the biting snarl of Drive By Truckers and, by the way, lyrical wit as strong as anything Nashville has to offer.

Keep your eyes peeled: the Brandon Bush Band is on the way to big things.

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