We’re ecstatic to have so many great tunes by Bluesmix in our catalog, from the northern blues and soul groove of “Real Life” (which we featured here back in August) to today’s Free MP3 of the Day, “London Nights.”

Whereas “Real Life” blew hard with the wind of Tower of Power channeling the dusky rasp of Chris Rea, “London Nights” kicks back with a headier, silkier groove. It reminds of Gilberto and Bacharach, like some of Dionne Warwick‘s more soulful cuts.

“Three oclock in the the morning, falling out the door,” sings guitarist Rob Fleming over Mimi Hajime’s samba groove. “Trying to find a cup of coffee, can’t play anymore,” he continues. “Take to you to a place I know, caffeine makes you high. So it buzzes in the air now, makes me feel alive.”

“These nights in London town” goes the chorus, bouyed by Bob Morgan’s robust sax licks. But this could be about a walk down any funky street in any funky town from New York’s Christopher Street to Portland’s Pearl.

Which is why we love Bluesmix the way we do: their music transcends the many miles between us.

Sorry, you missed out! This song is no longer available.
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