California rocker Bethany Cosentino’s band Best Coast makes some of the best summertime music around.

With her big, beautiful voice and ear for a good, simple melody, Cosentino writes songs that ooze with the humid atmosphere of summer.  She sings simple boy/girl stories over warm, fuzzy surf rock, but the lack of embellishment only serves to further emphasizes her quality.

The atmosphere and vocal harmonies of her songs draw comparisons to the Beach Boys and other classic California surf rockers. But Best Coast approaches the classically male genre from the other side of the gender equation, singing about teenage romance from the girl’s perspective.

“Our Deal” hearkens back to another one of Best Coast‘s major influences, the Phil Spector-produced girl groups of the ’60s.  Singing about the ways that a relationship with a boy is both a comforting and damaging element in her life, Consentino sings, “I wish you would tell me/ how you really feel/ but you’ll never tell me/ ’cause that’s not our deal.”

The thick, heavy production also hearkens back to Spector’s “Wall of Sound,” but it also sonically illustrates the cloying aspect of having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Best Coast doesn’t shy away from the negative aspects of of relationships–or summer–it’s all there: the good, the bad and the sweaty.

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Artists: Best Coast

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