The Avengers were one of the first, and the best, punk bands to emerge from the San Francisco punk scene in the late 70s. True to classic punk form, they shone briefly and brightly – they were together for only two years and didn’t release an album during that time, instead building their reputation through their all-out live performances.

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One notable fact about the The Avengers that places them in context is that they opened for the Sex Pistols’ final show at the Winterland in San Francisco 1979. From there they went on to influence just about every Cali punk band you’ve heard of – The Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, and X.

Unfortunately, the Avengers produced few recordings during their short career – just two EP’s. After their break-up a compilation album was released that compiled all of their music together, and in the 90’s another compilation album was released which contained the previously unheard track “Teenage Rebel.”

The track contains all the power and defiance of their classic songs and is a must for any punk fan.

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