2011 has been a huge year for the [mp3com-artist]Arcade Fire[/mp3com-artist]. The band's third album, The Suburbs, was the breakthrough that every band dreams of. This exclusive version of "Ready To Start" was recorded live in Los Angeles, right before their big GRAMMY victory.   Arcade Fire quickly became one of the top indie-rock acts after releasing their debut in 2004, Funeral, which stands as one of the great albums of the past decade, and then following it up with the solid sophomore effort, 2007's Neon Bible.  However, despite being two of the most critically acclaimed albums of those years, the band still had yet to truly break into the mainstream. That, of course, all changed with their third album The Suburbs and their underdog win at the 2011 GRAMMY awards. The Suburbs won for "Best Album of the Year," coinciding with [mp3com-artist]Arcade Fire[/mp3com-artist] playing at the ceremony, which was certainly their most visible performance ever.  A #1 spot on the Billboard  charts and a massive headlining performance at Coachella later, Arcade Fire finally succeeded in letting everyone know what many already did: they are the top rock band out there right now. This live version of "Ready To Start"--an exclusive version recorded during a visit to KROQ's studios in L.A. right before their GRAMMY appearance--is a high quality documentation of [mp3com-artist]Arcade Fire[/mp3com-artist] arriving at a new stage in their career. Plus, they totally rock out. [mp3com-download url="http://files.radio.com/downloads/time-based/arcade.mp3 " preview="http://files.radio.com/downloads/time-based/arcade-prev-30.mp3 " artist="Arcade Fire" song="Ready To Start" expiration="06/24/2011" email="optional" year="2010" label="Merge"/] More on [mp3com-artist]Arcade Fire[/mp3com-artist]: Arcade Fire Live In The KROQ Studio Gallery: Arcade Fire Live At KROQ Gallery: Arcade Fire Live at the UIC Pavilion, Chicago Glowing balls rain on the audience during Arcade Fire's Coachella performance

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