New York based guitarist/ singer Greg DellaRocca (a.k.a American Gospel) is striking out on his own after his working with the band The Republic of Wolves. As American Gospel, DellaRocca crafts songs with strong story telling elements that lead listeners on musical journeys.

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American Gospel‘s stories weave DellaRocca’s personal experiences with imaginative folk tale elements. The results are compelling and sometimes dark, in the style of older Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen (or perhaps, more recently, Maurice Sendak) children’s stories. It’s no coincidence that his debut album is named Tall Tales Vol. 1 – these are tall tales of the modern life.

“Say” is dramatic pop song, whose expressive production – going from spare beats to full on orchestration – supports DellaRocca’s plaintive vocals and lends emotional weight to his words.

If you dig “Say” be sure to check out American Gospel‘s video for “Bayonet,” another track off of Tall Tales Vol. 1.

Artists: American Gospel

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