If you’re Canadian, you may recognize Alexz Johnson for her acting on the hit TV series Instant Star. If you aren’t, well then prepare to be wowed by this immensely talented young artist.

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If you aren’t familiar with her, here’s a quick rundown of the talented multi-disciplinary artist’s accomplishments:  In addition to being the show’s star, Alexz Johnson also wrote the songs that her character performed on the show. When Instant Star finished after its fourth season, Johnson decided pursue a musical career full time.

Despite her television fame, however, the road to success has not been easy. Internal battles with her labels Capitol and Epic caused her debut album to be shelved indefinitely – a crushing blow for the young artist. She has manged to keep an optimistic attitude through it all though saying,  “It’s been tough, but something always keeps me going. Even with no money in my pocket, things land where they land and you keep moving.”

Now Johnson is back on her feet. She has cut ties with Capitol and Epic and has decided to release her music independently by generating funding through a Kickstarter campaign.

“I feel stronger, wiser,” she says of the songs on her new EP Skipping Stone. “I’m in love now, and writing from that place. I can look back at old relationships, old situations from a vantage point.” The EP mirrors Johnson’s new direction: it’s stripped down and airy, leaving room for her crystal clean, operatic voice to roam in styles which range from Johnny Cash-era country, to 40’s style ballads, to seductive, smoky world-beats.

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