Onetime Monsta Island Czars emcee Junclassic [click to read] and the producer- and sometimes rhyme concierge is 18sho are truly a dynamic duo, playing an equally creative role to the madness that is Overqualified. The song, “I Wasn’t Ready” seems to manifest Junclassic’s lyrical credo. In the midst of sampled handclaps and audience noises, rhyming mistakes, flubs and faux pas are prevalent on the menu, but yet Junclassic still keeps rhyming and going like the Duracell Bunny. Whether ready or not, Junclassic is an enigma. His delivery is coddled with anger while he takes any and every opportunity to be silly. He has a rapid-fire delivery that is slow flowing with clarity ala EPMD, but at times his breathing and pacing sounds as if it’s languishing. The simplest way to describe the man from Queens, New York is different yet captivating.

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