Yaga & Mackie are members of the first generation of Puerto Ricans brought up on Reggaeton to an international level. Born in the late 80’s, artists of their generation began proving themselves to be serious competition for their Reggaeton forefathers. Steeped in the music from childhood, Yaga & Mackie became known for their willingness to experiment and explore ideas off the beaten path. Yaga (Javier Martinez) and Mackie (Luis Pizarro) met one another in 2000, and decided to team up shortly thereafter. The duo distinguished itself with a preference for romantic themes as an alternative to the sex-soaked standard. Yaga & Mackie began to rise to Reggaeton prominence thanks to their contributions to popular compilations like Warrios, Vol. 3, El, Kilates, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Majestic, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Planeta Reggae, Luny Tunes Mas flow, Chosen few and Romances del Ruido, Vol. 2.This Duo has a long carrier with many successful Albums. In 2002 their first release “Sonando Diferente” , wich really sounds very different from their competitors, opens the doors to the market for them. The pair took big step forward in 2004 with the release of their album, “Clase Aparte” wich include the hit La Batidora ft Don Omar, Asechandote and Chiquitita .In 2005 they release “La Moda”, the album incorporated a wide palette of stylistic influences, including reggae, Afro-Latino, and even regional Mexican. Free of offensive lyrics and featuring an all-star cast of guests (Tego Calderón, Don Omar, and Zion & Lennox), La Moda, hit the Reggaeton world with force. Landing slots in the Top 40 on a number of Billboard categories, including Top Heat seekers and Top Latin Albums, the record's chart success outstripped expectations. Dispelling any thoughts of "beginner's luck," Yaga & Mackie released a second chart-topping album in 2007,”La Reunion” generated similar success, with the single "Aparentemente" appearing on Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks and Latin Tropical Airplay charts following its release.In 2008 they release Los Mackieavelikos, from this one they kept busy doing mix tapes for their public such as “Los Rompemuelas” in 2010,and “Armados y Peligrosos” in 2011.Now they present under their own Record Label named Los Mackieavelikos Inc., the album “Los Mackieavelikos” HD.

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