Hollywood's most eccentric/eclectic/esoteric black metal miscreants Willow Wisp continue to create the psychologically disturbing music they've been known best for. Willow Wisp returns in 2010 with a brand new cd and brand new lineup. Their newest offering "Antihuman Manifesto" contains the band's heaviest and blackest music yet, featuring new vocalist M6D6M6A who adds black, death, gothic, and even clean vocals to the music while always maintaining an unbridled passion and rage in his voice. Returning once again for this album is the drummer poet and leader of the damned Toeknee, who remains a center piece for the band with both his drumming style and antics as well as his contribution to vocals on the cd. Also featured in the current Willow Wisp lineup is Mr. Horrorble on lead guitar and Lazreal on rhythm guitars.

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