California based troubadour, Will Derryberry began showing up in local clubs, stunning listeners with a blend of roots music leaning heavily on the blues styles of Ray Charles, and Eric Clapton; to the folk styles of James Taylor, and Bruce Springsteen. “When I was 5 years old, I heard BB King’s The Thrill is Gone, something happened to me. It’s oxymoronic, but as he sang that song, I got extremely excited!” Will’s fretwork and soulful voice gained a strong following, and several years of refining his talent, he was signed onto the Sacramento based label, Fair Oaks Music. Thus teaming up with bass player Ian Kilpatrick, and drummer Baron Miller, The Will Derryberry Band was set in 1999. The trio went on to record and tour the United States, selling CDs in the tens of thousands and receiving moderate radio airplay on the Clear Channel broadcasting system, the largest radio broadcasting company in the country.

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