In a musical community that often thrives upon conformity, Minneapolis-natives Weaver at the Loom are making progressive strides away from constrictive genres and templates. While maintaining a coinciding attitude of respect for the classics, they have attempted to reshape what is already timeless. Mixing the harmonious and atmospheric elements of groups like Explosions in the Sky and The Album Leaf with the songwriting grace of compositional masters Death Cab for Cutie and Coldplay, the group's first release I Was Searching and I Found is one of the most uniquely beautiful pieces of music to come out of Minneapolis this year. This 30-minute, 5 song concept disc takes the listener along for an incredible journey that songwriter and co-vocalist Dan Smith explains as "exploring the temporary nature of life, and attempting to cope with it at the same time." The group places a strong emphasis on the production and lyrical content of their songs in an effort to help listeners understand and appreciate the contemplative nature behind these mini-epics. For a band at the average age of only 19, they are certainly attempting to undertake some weighty endeavors.

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