We Call It a Sound



The band was set up in October or November in year 2007 as a result of breakdown of a music project in which Karol and Filip had participated.In later phase also Marek had taken part in it. These three guys didn..t want to terminate their musical activities and invited to the cooperation Kamil, whom Karol and Filip had known from gimnasium and Marek due to the fact that he lives in the same village. That was the process of shaping the band, which after a huge amount of brainstorms and hundreds of rejected ideas accepted the name- We Call It A Sound. The group is strongly connected with Wolsztyn situated on the West of both Wielkopolska province ond the whole country, despite the fact that none of the members lives there. However, the spot is an important communication point, through which Kamil and Marek,living in Karpicko, have to take across on the way toward Keblowo ,where in a residence of Karol and Filip the rehearsals take place. At the beginnings of its existence, the group set up a set of simple rules that has its reflection in both the form and the music created. The replacement of "live" drums by the electronic beats and loops, the rejection of covers ( they may appear in concerts), and consequent isolation from the doses of the inspiration of other artists- these are the factors that composed the specific sound of the group. Possible tone limitations are leveled by purchasing of new instruments or equipment and the finding of their "sound niche" in nowaday crowded and full of epigones music branch is, for the collective, the main priority. None of the musicians was given an opportunity to terminate the music school but it did not prevent( it even helped ) them from fathoming the arcans of playing different instruments. Thus, the lack of contamination by musical elegance and declared love to the original turkish kebab are the main features linking the four personalities that happen to find common denominator in music which they used to listen ( indie, rock, electronic, club music, jazz, drum..n bass, classical music( obviously! ), funk, pop folk and many others) that used to reverberate in rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and supermarkets visited by the members of the band. Currently, the group concentrates on the creation of their own material and on recording it in their seclunded place which aims at presenting it on both their "myspace profile" and in concerts that are to occur in a close future. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.


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