Founded in 1982, Voltaj proved to have a personality too strong for the communist regime of that time and some people even considered the band to be a "danger" for the society. The first song, "Nori de hârtie" (Paper Clouds) made the top of the list for the band's first concert, which was held at "Mihai Eminescu" Cultural House in Bucharest. The following appearances on stage would be marked by hits like "Aceasta-i întrebarea" (This Is The Question) and performances of some of AC/DC hits. The initial structure of the ban (Horaţiu Rad - bass, Nikki Dinescu - drums, Gabi Nacu - guitar, Cristi Minculescu - vocalist, currently the vocalist in Iris, another successful Romanian rock band, Adrian Ilie - guitar) did not last and in October, 1986 the band had a fresh start with Cristi Ilie as vocalist, Amadeo Bolohoi as guitarist, Dan Mateescu - bass, Doru Istudor M.S. - drums and the same Adrian Ilie - guitar, the only one left from the first make-up of the band. The band seemed to have a bumpy road, so the year of 1988 brings new changes: Gabi Constantin - guitar, Valeriu Ionescu - bass, Cristi Ilie - vocalist, Doru Istudor M.S. - drums and Cristi Luca - guitar.

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