Vita de Vie is a Romanian group, founded in 1996 by some former members of the disbanded group Asterisc. Their music is an alternative rock, blended with occasional rap, hardcore, jazz and even reggae influences. Their first studio album, "Rahova", was released in 1997, but it wasn't really until their sophomore release, "Fenomental" in 1999, that they were introduced to a wider audience. "Fenomental" was a revolutionary release, containing some of the group's most popular songs to date (including "Basul şi cu toba mare" and "Vinolamine") and complete with a very original package. The year 2001 brings along the band's third release, "Exxtra", which features several contributions of other Romanian artists, including the rap group Paraziţii (on the track "Beat mort") and the electronical music band Şuie Paparude ("Zboară"). An LP was released in 2002 and is called "Doi". This album was extensively promoted, three videos were made, including the one for "Varză" which was shot in Amsterdam. Viţa de Vie released a best-of compilation, "9704", in 2004 - including the band's most succesful songs to date plus one brand-new track: "Îmi pasă".

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