Valery Gore



Canadian artist Valery Gore set out to claim new territory on her third and upcoming album Idols In The Dark Heart. Between the river’s ruckus and the slow settling of a branch-snapping forest, her muses were planted. Over the course of four years, she had a village. Every last bit of time and care pushed Gore’s musical ideas in dynamic and affecting ways, in which lush layers of organic instrumentation kissed the hand of electronic waveforms. A barrage of Juno synth melodies reminisce of foreign places, earth-vibrating Moog bass lines bring ‘party’ to devastated faces. For every life altering heartache (wept strings) and moment of pensive contemplation (four mallets on a vibraphone), there is an abiding strength to turn around and start over (with a blaring baritone sax to suit the strut). Her cryptic lyrical vignettes and inherently confessional voice mortar these layers of woven harmonies and melodic hooks, along a backbone of programmed, surreal soundscapes.

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