Unlucky Buried



In summer 2002 a man named Valery (vocals/guitar) arrived to Vitebsk city for studying. In cooperation with his faculty mate Constantin (drums) they made up their minds to create a metal band. Soon, a bass player Maxim (Maxx) joined them. This lineup of the band was called TANATOS. After several rehearsals the second guitar player Alexander (Grozny) has been invited. He played in VICARIUS FILII DEI before. The first sample became the recording of cover version of Death's “Lack of Comprehension” song for forthcoming compilation dedicated to this band. Unfortunately this compilation hasn’t appeared. Next, Valery abandoned the band. Left in three, guys accepted Vitaly as a vocalist into the band, and the first firm lineup was formed. Maxx and Grozny decided to change the name of the band. Between many proposals they chose Unlucky Buried because it has never been met in the ocean of metal bands names.

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