Triple Beam



Their careers began performing at local night clubs and car shows in Sacramento, California rapper's Shotgun, Pook, and Chop are collectively know to the world as; Triple Beam. Triple Beam signed with Black Market Records and released their first album 28g's w/o the bag, March 23, 1999. They attacked radio stations across the nation with their hit single "Parking Lot Pimpin", and opening for acts such as; The Luniz, Suga Free and Daz made 28g's w/o the bag a big success. Their freshman album sold over 20,000 units independently and still selling today. August 29, 2000 the trio released their sophomore album, "Conspiracy" also on Black Market Records. With no promotions and no support from Black Market, Triple Beam still sold an amazing 13,000 plus units. Triple Beam also appeared on several Black Market albums such as; Brotha Lynch's EBK4 175,000, No Face Killaz 20,000, Desperado's 28,000, Mr. Doctor's Bombay 40,000, The Best of Sacramento 13,000, and The Best of Black Market 2000 30,000 units sold. 2001 brought in a new year for Triple Beam, they left Black Market and put together their own record label called A-1 ENTERTAINMENT. A-1 Entertainment was created by Shotgun and Pook. They released their first album, By Any Means 211 In Progress May 29, 2001. Pook, Lokei, 8Ball, and Tron Treazy produced the tracks for 211 In Progress. 2003 Triple Beam released their third album, 36Zips also available on A-1 Entertainment. One of the group members was arrested and unable to record and or appear to show dates. Upon his release, the group went to work on their Fourth coming album Still Hustling. Still Hustling will be released early 2007, on Suga Shack records produced by Tron Treazy and Pook. 2007 Shotgun and Pook will release solo projects and a project together. Also look out for the Documentary summer 2007! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.