This band called the Sevens were one of the greatest (though not the most widely known) of the European garage bands of the Sixties. An organ-driven rough sounding group, they are not to be confused with any of the more recent outfits also using this name, such as the Celtic band whose music is included on this page. Anyhow, the band hailed from somewhere in Switzerland and put out a couple of albums at least. One of their coolest songs was titled, co-incidentally, "Seven", a very unusual piece concerning the exploits of an American Western band of outlaws, featuring the sound of gunfire and a dance beat that KILLS. Incidentally, this song, as well as another tune - "Talk About Her" - from the first album, is covered - very nicely - by the current American group Lyres whose repertoire includes many other obscure but insanely great songs from European and American groups of the sixties in addition to their equally exciting originals.

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