The New Limb



Known for their solid live show and stellar harmonies, and “genre-bending” songs, rock quartet The New Limb are one of a kind. On top of being a group of talented and true musicians who live, record and spend every day together in a house in Costa Mesa, they have the personality and drive to make it in this tough industry. And it’s not just because the band bakes cookies for fans, welcomes you with hugs after only meeting them once, hangs out on the roof of their house and sometimes puts a couch up there, turns a residency into a toy drive for Orangewood Children’s Foundation, and has the lovely Lauren on keys. They are always thinking around-the-clock about other ways to creatively reach the audience, whether it’s designing and distributing innovative business cards or filming commercials for promoting an upcoming show or eagerly participating in the local music scene and supporting artists in their hometown.

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