The Modlins are an oldies-influenced indie-pop band from San Diego, California. Eric Killian (right-handed guitar) and Matt Sheridan (left-handed guitar) met in 2003 through mutual friend Andrew and quickly grew together, playing shows and releasing The Daniel EP early the next year under the name "the.beat.less," with friend Daniel of Los Angeles band Spanish Archer on drums. They knew they needed a more permanent drummer, and their prayers and Craig's List ads were answered when Stoph Rhanor (drums) joined in the Fall of 2004. With a full-time drummer, the trio could no longer sensibly call themselves "beat.less," and so, in one arbitrary way or another, became Modlins instead. They began playing shows and, with a constant outpour of new compositions, released The Andrew EP in Spring '05. It was around that same time when a friend of the trio, born as Michael, but known only as "Fonz," introduced them to Alex Smith (bass guitar) who quickly joined the group, completing the band's rhythm section and adding a third harmony to their oldies-style vocal arrangements. Commencing a series of shows with their first appearance as a foursome in May '05, the group maintained their busy recording schedule, releasing their third effort, The Michael EP, in October '05.

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