The Garlands are a Swedish indiepop band that consists of Christin Wolderth and Roger Gunnarsson. Gunnarsson previously played in indiepop favourites such as Nixon and Free Loan Investments. In 2008, Cloudberry Records and Cosy Recordings co-released the Garlands debut EP. In January 2010, following a download-only christmas single and a few compilation appearances, Atomic Beat Records released a split 7" single featuring the Garlands and the American band The Sugarplums. Following this release, they began to play live shows with the line up of Christin Wolderth (vocals), Patrik Lindgren (guitar), Einar Ekström (guitar), Maria Petersson (bass), Tommy Gunnarsson (drums) and Sarah Nyberg Pergament (backing vocals). In September 2010, Sarah Nyberg Pergament left the band and in April 2011, Tommy Gunnarsson was replaced by Robert Klaesson. To coincide with their performance at the Indietracks 2011 festival, they released a new 7" single entitled You Never Notice Me (the first Garlands song Wolderth and Gunnarsson wrote) on the Bristol, UK-based label Big Pink Cake. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.