The Faction was a punk rock band from San Jose, California who were closely linked to the underground skateboarding culture. The band played primarily during the years 1982 to 1985, although a different lineup recorded three songs and played two shows in 1989, and then another lineup played numerous shows and recorded 4 new songs in the early 21st century. Steve Caballero, one of skateboarding's brightest stars, played bass, and then guitar, in The Faction. Caballero probably attracted a lot of young skateboarders' interest to the band, but the music kept them coming back for more, and he wasn't the only skater in the band. Singer Gavin O'Brien was a heavy local at Winchester Skatepark and was more than able to hold his own in any session: vert, street, banks, whatever. Adam "Bomb" Segal's trademark high top Vans in all the bright, cool colors of the day had ollie holes on both shoes-the dude was doing switch tricks before anyone. Keith Rendon (drummer #1), Ray Stevens, II (bass) and Craig Bosch (drummer #2) were all accomplished skaters; Craig even has a trick named after him: the Bosch (a invert to blunt on a curb, ledge, etc).

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