The Eyelash Carpets



The Eyelash Carpets are an audio/performance project presented by The Church of Anexia. The Church of Anexia was formed in 1993 in Arcata, California. Influenced by Crash Worship, the writings of Robert Anton Wilson, and the ideas of the Temple of Psychic Youth, The Church of Anexia organized events showcasing the ideas and visions of likeminded artist. The audio project Dogstar Communications was born from these events. Dogstar Communications relocated to New Orleans in 1999. Dogstar Communications released one single, one EP, two cassettes and a full length CD. In New Orleans Dogstar Communications evolved into The Eyelash Carpets. The Eyelash Carpets have two releases on the dutch esoteric label staalplaat, have produced and distributed several subscription only releases on their Church of Anexia label. Their most recent release is entitled Happiness Once Again, a full length CD produced by Matt Castille at VDO studios in New Orleans. For this project, The Eyelash Carpets were Pantopon Rose, The Paregoric Kid, Matt Castille, Potpie, Jeff Mattsson, and Aeryk Laws. The Eyelash Carpets welcome all outsider artist. If interested in performing with The Eyelash Carpets or booking EC contact Pantopon Rose...

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