The Backup Plan



The Backup Plan began “officially” in late 2000 when the core members decided to try to take the next logical step with their music, having gone through a transformation in their goals and attitudes and solidifying a line up. The present line up is: Joe Osolin, Dan Brenner, Andrew Jones, and Jeff Tiu. Drawing on array of punk and hardcore influences they established their own style of fast, aggressive, melodic music. The Backup Plan would have to work for everything that would come their way, playing anywhere and everywhere, recording and releasing their own music, and printing their own shirts, patches, and stickers. The band recorded a five song demo in their basement and quickly sold out that first pressing at local Long Island shows. They re-recorded the demo to fatten up the sound, added an extra song, and began to play out of state on weekends, only to sell out a second pressing of the demo. After attaining a van, scouring the internet and burning through phone cards, the band booked their first DIY tour. A straight three week run of the east coast. Their first tour clocked in at twenty shows in twenty three days, not bad for a first DIY effort. With this ethic in hand, The Backup Plan has fought every inch of the way to establish themselves as one of the top up and coming hardcore bands to watch. They’ve played in almost every state up and down the east coast and mid-west, and have had the pleasure to share the stage with such bands as Bane, Terror, Comeback Kid, Norma Jean, Beloved, Scraps And Heart Attacks, With Honor, Modern Life Is War, The Suicide File, The Distance, Against Me!, Mental, Trial By Fire, The Disaster, Kill Your Idols, Ensign, Paint It Black, Evergreen Terrace, Andrew W.K., Hum, Finch, Taking Back Sunday, None More Black, Marathon, Zero Zero, Subterfuge, Tear It Up, On the Might of Princes, I Farm, The Break, Majority Rule, Pg. 99, Avenged Sevenfold, Shai Hulud, Circle Takes The Square, Crime In Stereo, Every Time I Die and many more...

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