Formed in their final manifestation in 2004, Ten33 came blazing onto the east coast hardcore scene like a ballistic missile of positivity and heart with their debut release on Blood and Ink Records entitled "Emergency, Emergency!" These five boys, on fire for underground music, drew from a plethora of influences to create their own brand of melodic and honest hardcore the likes of which had never been seen. After a year of touring, writing, and meeting new friends they upped the ante with their sophomore release on Blood and Ink "Nightmare on Grace Street". At first listen anyone can hear that these guys felt the pressure of Richmond, Virginia's amazing propensity to produce awe-inspiring hardcore and rose to the challenge. With everyone from the beaches of Cali to the shores of Europe realizing that Richmond was the place that heart felt music came from, Ten33 took their place among their contemporaries and wrote an album that anybody could sing along to. Now, with the pile-ups getting higher, the hang out becoming more crucial, and the mosh being brought from coast to coast, Ten33 is ready to give it their all for the hardcore scene from coast to coast and redefine music as we now see it. Get ready; because once these guys assault your local venue, your scene will never be the same again.

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