Team Fresh



A Saturday morning, June, 2002... Slaine was filming for a skateboarding video. He awoke, fresh and phoned his two friends, Chops and Friers, and arranged to meet up to film and skate for the day. Chops and Friers happened to be one street away in a friends house, so Slaine skated round the corner and rang the doorbell... no answer... he opened the letterbox and could see Chops and Friers, and a 24pack of Amsterdam Gold at their feet, plus a few empty bottles of Buckfast... Chops turned to Friers and said "Why the hell do we have to skate for this video anyway? It's not as if we're ever gonna be in a team..." bent forward and opened a fresh can of Amsterdam, offered one to Friers who accepted. Chops asked, "You fresh?", to which Friers answered "Aye! Team Fresh!"

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