Tea Leaf Green



Based in San Francisco, California since 1997, the band Tea Leaf Green is Trevor Garrod (Keys), Josh Clark (Guitar), Scott Rager (Drums), Cochrane Mcmillan (Drums, Percussion, from Apollo Sunshine), and Reed Mathis (Bass; from Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey who joined TLG when Ben Chambers left the band "to pursue life's other passions"). Steve Adams (Bass; from ALO) also played some shows on bass mainly in the interim between Ben and Reed. The band has steadily gained momentum and picked up new fans since their eponymous debut album Tea Leaf Green in 1999. Their music is a mix of Jam, Classic Rock, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, and Jazz. However, labeling this group proves to be more difficult than one might expect. When asked how they would describe themselves, they often respond that they are a "Rock n' Roll band" and they released a live album and DVD called Rock 'N' Roll Band. Their ability to pull off a wide variety of styles makes their music dynamic yet always recognizable. The distinct voices of Trevor Garrod and Josh Clark contribute to stylistic identity and diversity, with Trevor singing lead vocals the majority of the time.

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