i've been listening to music since hearing my mother sing in operas and choirs while in the womb. from there it progressed to a love for hardcore punk, grindcore, industrial, techno, to eventually jungle and breakcore in 1995. i didn't even really like jungle until i started hearing the harder wild amen programming styles of remarc, krome and time, shy fx, and especially Alec Empire. In 1996 i decided i needed to learn how to dj and bought my first set of tables. unfortunatly, the only vinyl i could find here was acid house, gabber and the occasional jungle record for the first few years until i started ordering it online. i played mostly regular uk style dnb along with phunckatek test presses and dubplates from UFO!. then in the year 2000, i started talking to a producer named Grizzly from LA California over the internet and he told me i should download some free programs and start making my own jungle. so i started out using hammerhead rhythm station, cool edit 96 free version, and acid express.

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