Two summers ago a little Ottawa band called STARLING was on top of the hype heap. They toured their record "SUSTAINER", performing alongside Veruca Salt, Cheap Trick and others. Their american label "Time Bomb" lived up to their name and soon enough they were floating in the sea of independents (independence). Guitarist/ Vocalist Danny Michel departed to pursue his solo career, citing personal conflicts within the band. The remaining trio of Ian, Peter and Maury begin work on a follow up recording April 2001 at Umbrella Studios using AC/DC and Radiohead as musical touchstones. 17 tracks go down in three days and the fellas hit the road with various alternate musical employers (Ron Sexsmith, The Cash Brothers, Ian produced Andy Stochansky). Time passed, and astro-pop physicists STARLING found the time to hole up and put the final touches on their new recording.

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