Recharged with a powerful new lineup, American rock band Signum A.D. exemplifies the power of perseverance. When the only remaining original member, guitarist Elliott Ecton, was faced with the complete destruction of his former lineup, he had two choices; Give up or take the challenge of rebuilding head on. He embraced the latter. Fueled by an unquenchable passion and supported by a solid administrative team, a nationwide search led to the powerhouse musicians: Blake Mattea (guitar), Justin Mattea (bass), Angel Delgado (drums), and Sammy Vincent (vocals). Referred & heavily acclaimed by producer Brett Hestla, Sammy brings unrivaled emotion, soul, and presence to the stage. The twins, Blake and Justin, are well versed in songwriting, having had a chart-topping hit on the Billboard charts. Angel emerged via Signum A.D.’s relationship with rock band Atom Smash. Angel’s technicality and musicianship is the perfect spine for Signum A.D.’s inventive & hard-hitting sound.

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