The Senseless Things were a successful indie punk band who were popular in the UK in the early 1990's. The Senseless Things formed in 1987 in Twickenham London. The band consisted of Mark Keds on guitar and vocals, Ben Harding on guitar and vocals, Cass Browne on drums and Morgan Nicholls on bass. The early band's sound was characterised by a Ramones-like barrage of fast melodic pop - punk singles and energetic stage shows. The early singles were collected on the 1988 compilation Postcard CV on Way Cool records which could be compared to The Undertones and The Buzzcocks. In 1989 a remixed version of early single Too Much Kissing became a UK chart hit. The band had a very loyal following of characteristically very young stagediving and moshing teenage fans who were referred to in the music press as "Pop Kids".

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