Scarlet Violet is a metal/punk band formed in Milan, Italy in 2005 . The official name is decided from the beginning - Scaret Violet, apart from being an easy name to remember, is also a combination of two colours reminiscent of the flashy 80s. The only aim of the band is to share a common passion: Rock 'n' Roll. The initial source of inspiration for the Milanese quartet are the records by Alice Cooper, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Motley Crue and Poison. The first line-up has the two brothers Fylo (who was fifteen at the time) on the guitar and NK on the drums, L.A on the vocals and Fedexx on the bass. After spending several hours in rehearsal rooms playing every hard rock cover under the sun, the four decide it's time to write their own material. They record their first demo two months after forming. It contains the band's first three original songs which, though recorded on a low budget, are, nevertheless, sufficient to give a rough idea of the band's musical direction. The following year the five-song "Ready To Rock" Ep is recorded, the perfect mix of raw yet professional sounds. The title track is featured in the PERRIS NETWORK COMPILATION in early 2007 (which also includes bands of the calibre of Silver Dirt, Jack Viper, Sex Department).

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