Rust Belt Lights



RUST BELT LIGHTS, Rotting factories, blinding snowstorms, and deserted cobblestone streets… everything corroded from the punishment of winter. All are symptoms of a rust belt city, begging for something to help reclaim the glory it once had. Buffalo, NY's Rust Belt Lights are doing what little they can to represent their city and put it back on the map. Once a blue collar boom town, Buffalo has become nothing but a decaying ghost town to most outsiders. Most people don't stick around long enough to experience its friendly neighbors, low cost of living, delicious food and loyal sports fans. The ones who have been cursed with defeat since always. Yeah, it's a love and hate relationship at times, but Rust Belt Lights is about looking at the bright side in dark times. Formed in late 2008 as a collaboration of members from Dead Hearts, Daggermouth, and Get Back Up, the band played their first show in March 2009. They self released their demo at the show, which later became a well received 7" EP on State of Mind Recordings called "Long Gone...". After a good initial reception in the Buffalo area and some national interest over the internet, the band has since toured throughout the US and Eastern Canada. This fall the band will prepare to release its first full length LP on Paper and Plastick Records called "These Are The Good Old Days". With 12 brand new tracks, it is a record about overcoming, outlasting, and moving on. "It seems like people as they get older are always reflecting back on a previous time in their life with nostalgic feelings instead of moving forward and doing everything they can to make their present days their best ones." says guitarist Tom Mayer. "We are all guilty of it. We are guilty of it in songs on this record. Responsibility is inevitable as we get older, but the title is about how we are going to make these days we spend together now our best ones and put the past where it belongs." If you like catchy punk rock in the vein of this band, that band, and that other band you'll want to be sure to have a listen to Rust Belt Lights. In 2011, the band will spend the first 3 months on the road all over the US and Canada in support of the new record.

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