Rich iCoast



Permit me, here, to introduce Rich iCoast. This Bronx native is as uncompromising as the stoic poise with which he lobs his lines; pregnant with meaning. Without reservation, Rich iCoast is a talented “wordsmith”. It is this resourcefulness that allows him the courage to play with the music, rhymes and rhythms that aptly portray the realities of his immediate surroundings. You listen to his music and it communicates an authenticity that is life in New York City. In his voice you hear that distinct, incredulous flavor with which he mixes his bars… by exploiting the color and tone of sound. It is this Ghostface Killa kind timbre of his voice, and that characteristic South Bronx drawl sailing above the harsh lines of this edgy melody, which he prefers to rap over, that makes his compositions all the more interesting.

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