Resonance is a co-ed a cappella group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Their mission: to explore the fine art of covering contemporary music hits of varying popularity armed only with their wits and a pitch pipe. Since their founding in 2001, they are not only succeeding in this mission, but are having more fun than should be legal in the process. MIT Resonance has entertained audiences far and wide with its unique blend of tight harmonies, energetic performances and cheap puns. For those who can't make it to one of their live shows - or those who just can't get enough - the group has also produced two CDs, "First Harmonic" (2003) and "Left On Red" (2005). Both CDs have received critical acclaim through the Contemporary A Cappella Society of America, and they are currently in the studio (specifically, Fort Resonance) working on a third, as-of-yet untitled production.

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