One day in late 1999 Pablo and Ogur wanted to start new band (both of them was playing in some other bands). Some days later David and their good friend Michael join Regres to play guitars. After first rehearsal with drummer (years ago Marcin was playing in punkrock band) problems came - amps and bass guitar was stolen. About month later Michael is leaving. One year later they decide to record first demo tape. It sounds like metal mixed up with emo and punk. After that they record second demo tape with new songs. Then it`s time to find someone who will be interested in releasing Regres. Robert from REFUSE rec. give them chance and they went to studio to record new album (released on MC) called "Regres". It was year 2001. After one year they can celebrate their release party. In 2003 Refuse is releasing second full lenght CD/MC called "Punk rock pozytyw". In 2004 band is going on first mini-europen-tour through Hungary, Slovakia and Austria. In 2005 Regres is on their second mini-tour including countries like Serbia and Romania.

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