Qwazaar is a recording artist from Chicago, IL., born and raised on the South side in the Dearborn Homes housing projects. He is co-founder of the formation Typical Cats (on the Galapagos4 label), together with producers Dj Natural and Kid Knish and fellow vocalists Qwel and Denizen Kane. As an MC, he has a complex flow and a guttural voice, which he uses to tell his stories. Qwazaar delivers lyrics that are as intense as they are well-crafted, as he demonstrates on his solo debut 'Walk Thru Walls', released in 2001 on the Frontline Entertainment label. Qwazaar Has 7 full length releases as member of groups Typical Cats and OuterLimitz on Galapagos4 and Dirty Digital on Lefthouse Recordings and as a solo artist. His most recent releases are with producer Batsauce entitled 'Bat Meets Blaine' released September 13th 2011 on Galapagos 4 and 'Style Be The King' released July 5th 2011 through Fifth Element (the official Rhymesayers store) on limited CD and digitally through Galapagos 4.

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