The pink satellite had been in a large hangar for a few months surrounded by a lot of people in order to prevent its glowing aspect from fading! Olivier Désir and Cédric De Bruyn are (finally!) back for more sound adventures. Who doesn't remember their first and brilliant single « blue toast »? it was an heavy rotation on STUDIO BRUSSEL! This single was followed by "electrolidays in levitation: a thousand feet over the dancefloors » their excellent first album from which were extracted for the radios « a long long afternoon in the park "&" my favourite grass ". The satellite sets out again for a second round on planet "house"! After having made some appearances on various compilations like on the very famous one "saint-Germain-des-prés II" but also volume 1 of the "cocktail party" by alexandra vassen and the "eating" the mouth-watering collection for glutton ears! After playing in at least 50 venues in Wallonia, Flanders , Holland and England where they shaked "tower bridge" in an effervescent night in London , Olivier and Cédric were locked up for about 6 months in their studio (improvised studio) in order to give give birth to their second jem. The basic formula is still there, the « pink sound » and the leaping melodies clearly and proudly put ahead ! !

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