Party in Hiroshima



Party in Hiroshima (PiH) "Party in Hiroshima make it their job to find a space for delicacy in a nightmare of blast waves and falling debris. A pure but urgent voice floats over a drama of guitar clanging, electronic noise and collapsing rhythms. In their words, this is glitchpop in post-rock. Children of the days of Throwing Muses and Dead Can Dance." (OppositionT) "Electro tinged rock. Girl singer bestrides techy, samples laden riffology. My Bloody Valentine type shenanigans, dark and yet welcoming." (Bugbear) "Consisting of three boys and a girl, London based band Party in Hiroshima delightfully play a shiny apocalyptic post-rock that blasts and shimmers between the darkly delicate and the explosively noisy" (XFM) "Ethereal and otherworldly on one hand and the best glitchpop postrock has to offer on the other" (The Good Ship)

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