The band was formed in June 2008 in Oborniki Sl., Poland by Kamil (drums) and Jajo (guitar), who played together in band called 'Crawl' before. The main inspiration of the drummer, and later on of the guitarist too, was american stoner desert rock, played by Kyuss, Unida, or Sloburn. In August 2008 the band gains a new member - singer Franek known from the band 'Afirmacje'. In such shape the band starts rehearsing on regular basis and enters the studio for the first time. The outcome of that was their first EP 'Away'. Then in September the basist Grześ joins the band and in such shape Palm Desert plays their first gigs. On the turn of 2008-2009 the band enters the studio again to record LP 'Dawn of the burning sun'. In May 2009, due to the excess of duties, Grześ is forced to leave the band, and he is replaced by Janek (who plays in band 'Good Question' at the same time). After a few rehearsals the band enters the studio at the beginning of July to record another LP.

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