The Paper Route Gangstaz are a group of rappers based in a single Southern city, centered around a production unit with a completely distinct sound. We've seen this before from Atlanta's Dungeon Family and New Orleans' No Limit Army and Cash Money Millionaires-- fully formed crews that wound up dominating the late-90s commercial rap landscape. Except this time the city is the total rap backwater of Huntsville, Alabama, and the production unit is the Block Beataz, whose bloopy nodded-out synth-boom tracks are way druggier and slower than anything currently on "106 & Park". The closest the Paper Route crew have come to impacting mainstream rap was when Rich Boy spit a couple of verses over Jackie Chain and Jhi-Ali's "Rollin'" on his Bigger Than the Mayor mixtape. So the Paper Route Gangstaz are something like what the Cash Money Millionaires might've been if they had barely any hope of or interest in actually becoming millionaires.

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