Owltian Mia



Owltian Mia formed in Virginia Beach/Norfolk after the break up of Words a Game circa 1995. Inspired by the underground scene before the term Emo was coined, they released a double 7" on Tree Records, called "The Greatest Games Ever Played". Of course at such a young age you could either blow up and get signed by a larger indie label or disband and go to college. Bobby and Brock both went out of state to pursue art schooling, and the rest of the guys did college in Norfolk and started a band called The Candyland Carcrash. Bobby and Brock would return for the holidays and summers to play shows and record. Always having problems with the line up, by the time they recorded the "4 Track Basement Recording" they were at the end of the Owltian Mia legacy. There is also a song recorded by Bobby and Adam called "Let's Play" which is a true representation of the final days.

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