Moscow band Otzepenevshiye/Оцепеневшие was formed by the duet of Eugeniy Voronovskiy (Cisfinitum) and Ivan Napreenko (Sal Solaris); many concert performances by the project may as well involve other musicians. Otzepenevshiye work with a wide range of heavy guitar sounds - from the nagging drone-doom to the scratching low-fi black-metal - never forgetting about ambient fields of a most subtle nature. String parts are backed by real-time sampling and analog synthesizers. The project was first presented in early 2007 at the culture center DOM (Moscow, www.dom.com.ru) within the framework of a lecture by Juriy Mamleev. Since that time the project has contributed to the international compilation Iznutri (Ewers Tonkunst), the tribute to the cult Norwegian project Ulver - My Own Wolf: A New Approach (http://panacea.msk.su/ulver, Aspherical Asphyxia Prod), a split dedicated to the winter solstice Heliophagia V (http://anthropocide.ru/pr_ap003.html, Antropocide), and collaborative album by Otzepenevshiye, Neutral and Allerseelen entitled Umnachtung and devoted to Georg Trakl (http://www.discogs.com/release/1286219). Current line-up is Ivan Napreenko and Arnold pr (Reutoff) who joined the project Autumn 2008.

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