Punk rock band lined-up in 1983 in Porto Alegre (capital of Rio Grande do Sul). One of their first actions was the establishment of an independent label, Vórtex. They participated in the gaucho rock compilation "Rock Garagem" with the track "Princípio de Nada". In 1985, they produced and released an EP with the songs "Nicotina", "Rock Star" , "O Futuro É Vórtex" e "Surfista Calhorda". The latter broke into radio stations around the country, making the Replicantes - Wander Wildner (vocals), Claudio Heinz (guitar) Heron Heinz (bass) e Carlos Gerbase (drums) - known throughout Brazil. The debut LP, "O Futuro é Vórtex", came out in 1986 on BMG Ariola. Then, they released "Histórias de Sexo e Violência" (1987), which caused a fuss in the media, and "Papel de Mau" (1989) on the same label. Vocalist Wander wildner left the group in 1990. Drummer Gerbase replaced him and former Defalla drumer, Biba, replaced Gerbase. They put out one more LP, "Andróides Sonham com Guitarras Elétricas", in 1991. After a break during most of the '90s, the punk group made a comeback with the live CD released independetly on Wildner's label, Fora da Lei, in 1995, and reprinted on the label Kivis in 2000 with bonus tracks.

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