Born and raised in the "Lost Zone" (or "Zona Lost"), a pun on their tamed neighboorhood's name in São Paulo, Brazil (Zona Leste, a.k.a. East Zone, a brazilian equivalent to NYC's Bronx), Os Haxixins are problaly the most obscure and ill-fated band in the city's garage-rock scene. Influenced by hard to find 60's records, garage punk and psychedelia, the long time friends Sir Uly (drums) and Fábio (guitar) decided to come up with a repertoire based "only on fuzz pedal and guts", according to Sir Uly himself, after a non-succesfull experience in a band called Merry Prankster. The name Os Haxixins came after they joined bass-player Daniel and orgam player Alopra, inspired on the article "Le Club Des Hachichin", published by french poet and novelist Théophile Gautier in 1864, which spawned a group formed by french intellectuals such as Baudelaire, Delacroix and Gautier, among others, dedicated to the exploration of drug-induced experiences, notably with hashish (haxixe in portuguese). Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.