Original Flavor



One of rap's middle school crews headed by Ski, an MC/producer, Original Flavor dropped their inauspicious debut This Is How It Is in 1992. Although Ski worked with legendary New York DJ Clark Kent for the project, the album fizzled unceremoniously. For their follow-up, producer-in-training Ski enlisted the aid of a few more MCs including T-Strong, Chubby Chub, and a young Brooklynite with some experience in the rap field, Jay-Z. Jay-Z had worked with fellow Brooklynite Big Jaz on the track "Hawaiian Sophie" and the two were commonly referred to as Jaz and Jay-Z. Original Flavor was Jay-Z's training grounds and served as a catapult for his future endeavors. Flavor's sophomore release Beyond Flavor was released in 1994 to a mostly unenthusiastic audience. However, the lead single "Can I Get Open" features Jay-Z in impeccable pre-Jayhova form, with a decidedly less edgy rhyme format. Jay-Z would continue to work with his Original Flavor partner Ski after the group disbanded, making him a member of his Rock-a-Fella staff. Ski produced four tracks on Jay's solo debut Reasonable Doubt in 1996 and two on 1997's In My Lifetime, Volume One. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.