Of Buried Hopes was formed in Vitebsk, Belarus in 2008. Members of the new band meld several extreme metal subgenres into their own violent style. A love of metal and hardcore pushed Of Buried Hopes into a brotherhood. In winter 2008 the band recorded their first demo, entitled ''Reverse Reading''. The following year, Of Buried Hopes had undergone several changes in their lineup. The group returned with a new formation, comprising of two vocalists Arson Higinia and Sniper, guitarists Serge Ernie and Ken Kventin, bassist Colmar, and drummer Dan Narel. The year 2010 started from the release and promotion of EP "Absorbed By Agony" recorded in Kripa Art Records Studio (Vitebsk). It was released by the independent record label FONO LTD. Now the band works on first album.

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