North Lincoln



North Lincoln tells Southern Lovin': “We love to play, which is the real foundation of what North Lincoln eventually became to us. We’ve always been doing other bands at the same time and continue to come back to North Lincoln out of a real love of doing it. With the three of us together in a room writing, we know that there’s no real boundries or guidelines for what we need to do or sound like to be North Lincoln. We can do what we want, how we want to do it the same way we’ve been since our conception. We started as 3 guys that were playing in other bands to being North Lincoln and having other bands on the side. All three of us played in the kind of legendaryish Michigan thrash band Don Knotts. Currently (as of 04/09) all three of us are still doing other projects. Kevin is doing the punk band Wormburner, who just released their first 7″ on Salinas Records, writing a LP to also be on Salinas, and will be touring all this year. Brian is doing the pop-punk band Just For Kicks who just did their first recording of 7 songs to be released as a demo. John is doing the Bedhead-esqe band Homewrecker, who just did a recording for their first full length.

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